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DIS-19/A429-T1 DISCRETE to ARINC 429 data Converter.
The function of this converter is to encode up to 19 discrete inputs into a single ARINC 429 data word and transmit it. The value of the ARINC 429 label, the SDI and the SSM are configurable by the user via miniature DIP switches located on the printed circuit board (PCB). The transmission rate (bit rate and repetition rate) of the ARINC 429 word can also be configured via DIP switches.

DISCRETE to ARINC 429 data converter

Model  Description 
DIS-19/A429-T1  DISCRETE to ARINC 429 data converter

The ARINC 429 Label field is user configurable via a DIP switch on the PCB.
In addition the ARINC 429 SDI bits (bits 9 and 10) and SSM bits (bits 30 and 31) are also configurable via a DIP switch. The next 19 bits comprise a discrete data field as defined in ARINC Specification 429 Part 1, Attachment 6 “Discrete word format”. Bits 11 through 29 reflect the state of discrete sense input pins and their logic states are dependent upon the sense input configuration settings. The ARINC 429 transmitted parity bit is Odd by default. The bit rate (12.5kHz/100kHz) of the transmitted ARINC 429 data word is set by a DIP switch on the PCB. The converter will transmit ARINC 429 words at the maximum possible rate allowed by the ARINC 429 specification. That time is equal to 36 bit periods (32 data bits plus 4 gap times). For high speed ARINC 429, the word interval is 360 us, and for low-speed ARINC 429, the word interval is 2.88 mS. The ARINC 429 word repetition rate may be set via another set of DIP switches on the PCB in intervals of 10mS from 10mS to 2.55 seconds. However, if the DIP switch is set to a timer value of zero the transmitted ARINC 429 word is transmitted at intervals of 360 uS when the speed is set to 100kHz and at 2.88mS when the speed is set to 12.5kHz.

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