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This ARINC 429 to three 0-10Vdc voltage outputs converter is employed where there is a requirement to extract data from up to three separate user specified ARINC 429 Labels on the same databus and translate it into three separate 0-10VDC voltage outputs. Other output voltages available.

ARINC 429 to 3x 0-10V DC Converter

Model  Description 
429-R1/DAT3-10V  ARINC 429 to three 0-10Vdc voltage converter

ARINC 429 to 3x 0-10V DC Detail The ARINC 429 Labels, SDI, SSM are now user selectable via SMD DIP switches on the PCB. If the user prefers a fixed non-user adjustable version then we can supply this, which will mean that the switch setting are ignored. The ARINC 429 to three 0-10Vdc Outputs converter adapts automatically to high or low speed (12.5/100kHz) ARINC 429 data and the inputs are opto-coupled for electrical isolation purposes. The ARINC 429 to three 0-10Vdc Outputs converter is powered from an external 28 VDC nominal supply (15-72VDC) with an internal current and thermal (102 ÂșC) fuse. The power inputs are reverse polarity protected.

LED indicators are provided on the PCB and these indicate the following status:
LED indication of reception of Labels A, B and C
LED indicating Low Speed data
LED indicating High Speed data

The converter uses a 12-Bit D/A resolution converter that takes its input from an ARINC 429 word - bits 28..17. Different output voltage options (5VDC or 10VDC) and resolutions are available upon request.

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