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This converter consists of two ARINC 429 receiver channels that each drive three relay contacts – six relays in total. Each receiver monitors Label nnn ARINC 429 for a specific bit pattern within them. When a specified label is detected containing the required bit pattern the respective relay is activated until such time as the same label is detected with a non-required bit pattern.
The converter can receive high or low speed ARINC 429 data automatically without user intervention.
The unit is powered from an external 28 VDC (18-60V) nominal supply with internal current and thermal (102 ºC) fuse. The power inputs are also reverse polarity protected.

ARINC 429 to Relay converter

Model  Description 
A429-R2/VF6  ARINC 429 to 6 Channel Relay Converter

ARINC 429 2Rx to 6 Channel relay Detail

The function of this converter is to monitor two ARINC 429 data buses for label nnn on Bus 1 and Bus 2 and subject to the condition of the Bit Pattern being met, switch the appropriate relay contacts. See user manual for more information.

The Label value, bit patterns and the relay behaviour are fixed in firmware. There are no user switches to set. Any required changes to the function of this unit will be changed in code and the modified firmware sent to the customer to re-program their hardware.

The two ARINC 429 receiver inputs are coupled to the converter hardware via two opto-couplers in order to maintain electrical isolation and to maintain EMC/EMI integrity.

The converter is powered from a nominal 28V DC supply. The power supply incorporates all the standard EMC/EMI surge protection techniques including a power supply monitoring device, which will cause the system to reset in the event of any problems with the main supply.

The software for the the A429-R2/VF6, ARINC-429 to relay converter is written in accordance with RTCA/DO-178B to criticality level E.

The hardware has a built-in Boot Loader that allows the internal firmware to be updated via USB/RS232 data link. A GUI program downloads the new firmware file to the internal FLASH ROM on the processor.

Environmental, Airworthiness and EMC
The A429-R2/VF6 Converter has been designed to meet DO-160D test categories listed later in this manual.
The unit has also been subjected to an Explosive Decompression test from 15,000 feet to 50,000 feet in a period of less than 100mS without effect.

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