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ARINC429 to RS422 & RS422 to ARINC429 Data Translator Protocol Converter is a bi-directional converter. It translates specific received ARINC429 data onto an RS422 databus and also translates specific received RS422 data onto the ARINC429 databus.

ARINC 429 to RS232 converter

Model  Description 
429R1-RS232T1  ARINC 429 to RS232 Data Bus Converter

The ARINC429 transmission data rate is set to 12.5 kHz. ARINC429 data rate reception is automatic.
The ARINC429 and RS422 inputs are opto-coupled for electrical isolation purposes.

The unit is powered from an external 28 VDC (18-36V) nominal supply with internal current and
thermal (102 Deg C) fuse. The inputs are also reverse polarity protected.

The RS422 serial data is transmitted and received at a rate of 9600 baud. Data formats are simply a raw
binary translation of the RS422/ARINC429 data.

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