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Power analyzer High Line Voltmeter

Power Analyzers Calibrators - Measuring Instruments and Standards

Hotek Technologies, Inc has been and continues to be, a major distributor and representative for the premiere manufacturers in test equipment, process control, and instrumentation products.

We also design and manufacture a wide range of electrical power control panels for the industrial, marine and
medical industry. 

  • Our pressure calibrators offer precision and high-resolution pressure measurement. Please check the available products: deadweight testers, calibrators and gauges with hydraulic pneumatic pumps.

  • A power analyzer is a multipurpose instrument designed for laboratory & field use. We offer economy single-phase power analyzers or three-phase power harmonics analyzers.

  • The wide selection of voltmeters includes, voltage sensors, phase and clamp-on meters for use on high-voltage lines.

  • We specialize in providing customized data converters that take data in one format and convert it to another.
    We offer ARINC 429 Analyzers, MIL-1553 bus reader and avionic data converters.