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METRAPHASE 1 Phase Sequence Indicator.
Phase sequence, line frequency and phase voltage are tested and displayed simultaneously after the METRAPHASE 1 test instrument has been connected to the system under test at all phases with the included,
contact-protected connector cables.
The instrument is suited for initial testing, as well as for testing after repairs and modifications.

Phase sequence Indicator Meter

Model  Description 
METRAPHASE 1   Phase sequence Indicator Meter

Displays phase sequence by means of 6 optically rotating LEDs with different colors (clockwise: green, counterclockwise: red)
Displays nominal line voltage with 3 LEDs.
Displays nominal line frequency with 6 LEDs.
Phase search with 3 LEDs for L1, L2 and L3.
Indication of errors for:
Missing phases

Convenient Testing with Only 2 Cables (2-pole measurement).
In addition to normal testing with 3 measurement cables, phase sequence can also be tested
with only 2 cables.
After connection to L1 has been established, phases L2 and L3 are scanned separately, one after the other.
This operating mode is indicated by means of intelligent software which rules out the possibility of erroneous measurements.
Automatic Activation:
The instrument is activated automatically as soon as a voltage of at least 100 V is applied to any 2 measurement sockets.
Battery Saving Circuit.
The instrument is shut down automatically when zero voltage is applied in order to extend battery service life.

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