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Metratester 5 Electrical Safety Test Instrument DIN VDE 0701 0702.
Measuring instrument for testing repaired or modified electrical devices per DIN VDE 0701,
parts 1 though 240

Electrical Safety Test Instrument DIN VDE 0701 0702

Model  Description 
Metratester 5   Electrical Safety Test Instrument DIN VDE 0701 0702

Electrical safety testing of electrical equipment:
per DIN VDE 0701-1: 2000 and
DIN VDE 0702: 1995 by means of measurement of:
Protective conductor resistance.
Insulation resistance.
Protective conductor current equivalent leakage current method residual current method.
Contact current per DIN VDE 0701 Part 240 by testing of:
absence of voltage by means of current measurement
as well as measurement of the following performance quantities:
Line voltage.
Load current.

Convenient Connection.
The test instrument is intended for the testing and measurement of repaired or modified devices.
The device under test is connected to the measuring instrument via the integrated test socket.
The quick connector safety jacks are wired in parallel to the test socket and provide for measurements
at DUTs without earthing contact plugs, or at permanently connected DUTs.
The DUT is connected to the integrated mains outlet at the test instrument for testing for the absence of
voltage at exposed, conductive parts (per DIN VDE 0701 Part 240), as well as for load current measurement.

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