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METRATESTER 5-3 Test Set for Single and Three Phase Equipment.
The METRATESTER 5-3 test case complies with "guidelines for equipment required for electrical installation
operations" issued by the Federal Committee for Electrical Installations, ZVEH, WFE and electrical power utilities.

DIN VDE 0701 and 0702 Tester

Model  Description 
METRATESTER 5-3   Electrical Safety Installations Tester

All measurements in accordance with DIN VDE 0701 and DIN VDE 0702.
Can be operated with two suitable power cables at either an earthing contact socket or a CEE mains outlet.
Testing of system protective conductor potential by means of finger contact.
Radio interface for measurement data transmission to a PC (PC.doc-win software required).
Highly practical thanks to switching of mains current or individual phases to the device under test with
selector switches.
Optical and acoustic indication of limit value violations.
Rugged case design

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