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METRAvolt 12D Voltage, phasing, continuity and polarity tester.
Handy digital voltage tester combined with integrated continuity, phase, polarity and phase sequence tester.
Rugged universal instrument fits into any tool case, and into overall pockets.

Voltage, phasing, continuity and polarity tester.

Model  Description 
METRAvolt 12D  Voltage, phasing, continuity and polarity tester

The METRAVOLT12D is a 2-pole voltage tester with digital display combined with integrated continuity,
phase, polarity and phase sequence testing.
It allows for safe detection and measurement of AC and DC voltages within a range of 8 to 1000 V at frequencies of up to 10 kHz.
Resistance can also be measured within a range of 0 to 1999 kohm with the integrated continuity tester. Voltage and resistance values appear in digital format at the LCD.
Additionally, 5 LEDs and a tone generator indicate voltage, phase, phase sequence and continuity.

Fully Automated Measuring Sequence.
The voltage tester is switched on automatically as soon as a voltage of at least 8 V is applied.
The respective voltage measuring range and voltage type are selected automatically.
If interference voltages of greater than 8 V are detected, the instrument switches automatically from the
continuity test to the voltage test.
The instrument is switched off automatically approximately 30 seconds after the last
measurement in order to extend battery life.
Measured Value Storage.
The displayed measured value can be "frozen" at the LCD by pressing the HOLD key.
The value is displayed until the HOLD key is once again released. Self-Test and Battery Monitoring.
The self-test checks all display elements and device functions.
A signal is generated automatically if the battery requires replacement.
Rugged Housing.
The high impact, dust-proof housing makes the instrument virtually indestructible.
The display is protected by means of an unbreakable cover.
The instrument can be used in the rain thanks to IP 65 protection.
High Safety Levels.
Excellent electrical safety is achieved by means of series resistors integrated into both test probes.

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