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PROFITEST C Tester for VDE 0100 / IEC 60364.6. for the measurement of loop resistance, determination of
short-circuit current and the display of applicable fuse ratings.
In addition to complete testing for the effectiveness of RCDs, the instrument is also capable of phase
sequence analysis, as well as the measurement of voltage and frequency.

Loop resistance tester

Model  Description 
PROFITEST C  Tester for VDE 0100 / IEC 364-6-61

The extremely rugged, two component housing with integral impact guard makes the PROFITEST C
perfect for use by on-site installation teams, and it supplements the Profitest 204 in accordance
with the new EN 60204 in an ideal fashion.
A large, illuminated, anti-reflection graphic display allows for clear, intuitive, menu-driven operation,
and operation is quick and easy with a total of only 5 keys.
The integrated measurement value memory can be read out via the infrared data interface, which is
included as standard equipment. Print-outs and reports can also be read out via the IR interface,
and it can be used for updates to assure that the instrument continues to meet future demands as well.
Stored measurement values can be accurately assigned to their respective electrical circuits,
distributors and buildings with the alphanumeric keypad.
Unambiguous GO / NO-GO decisions are made possible with LEDs and display messages.
Various languages can be selected for the user interface, and a phase tester has been integrated into
the instrument.
A carrying strap, a stand, holders for test probes and cables and a recharging socket for NiCd/NiMH
batteries round out the convenient and safe PROFITEST C.

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