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50127-G-01 Ground Cable Tester is designed to check the integrity of the ground cables while out in the field.
For your safety, they should always be tested; you should never assume the integrity of a ground cable.
A regular testing program should be standard. All needed parts are in one convenient carrying case.
It is easy to set up the Ground Cable Tester; and once set up, the condition of an entire grounding jumper
assembly can be quickly confirmed.

Ground Cable Tester

Model  Description 
50127-G-01  Ground Cable Tester

This unit comes with a reference chart attached that is easy to read and understand.
There is a digital ammeter so that the correct test current is easy to apply and a digital voltmeter to clearly
inform the person doing the testing if the assembly is in acceptable working condition.
A grounding jumper only needs to be measured to the nearest foot.
Cables are tested at their rated continuous current per ASTM F-855.

The Ground Cable Tester can be easily converted for testing grounding elbows and ball socket clamps.
Optional adapters (pictured below) can be purchased to customize your individual unit.

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