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540 Light level Meter.

540 Light Lux meter Light intensity measuring instrument..
The sensor of the testo 540 light is adapted to the spectral sensitivity of the eye.
This makes meter ideal for the measurement of light intensity.
The Hold function allows an easy readout of the measurement values.
Max. and min. values are displayed at the press of a button. testo 540 is very handy, small and easy to operate.

540 Light Meter.

Model  Description 
540  540 Pocket Pro Light Level Meter.

testo 540; light meter incl. protective cap, batteries.

Probe type Lux   
Measurement Range  0 to 99.999 Lux 
Resolution  1 Lux (0 to 19.999 Lux)
10 Lux (remaining range) 
Accuracy  3 Lux 
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