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DVC-8500 Voltage Reference.

The DVC-8500 is a low cost 4 1/2 digit voltage reference source with a full-scale output range of +19.999 Volts to =19.999 Volts in 1 millivolt steps.

The calibrator features high performance for such a small, low-cost instrument.

DVC-8500 Voltage Reference Source

Model  Description 
DVC-8500  DVC-8500 Voltage Reference. Voltage Source.

19.999 Volts full-scale output range
Milli volt settability with accuracy of ±25 ppm of setting ±1/2 LSB (90.005% of full-scale range)
Rated accuracy up to 25mA output
Unique/Ergonomically correct front panel lever switches
Vernier control provided ±1.5mV offset with 50µV graduations
Current from short-circuit-proof output transformer isolated ±300 volts to AC line
Aluminum, case includes bench-top stand
Optional panel mount kit
230 VAC power supplies
Calibration traceable to NIST
An active buffered output amplifier provides very low output impedance and up to 25 milliamps output current.
An oven-stabilized zener diode internal reference provides an overall output accuracy of ±500 µV and ±25 ppm of the setting with zero drift of ±5 µV/°C and full-scale drift of 4 ppm/°C max.
Output is set by unique front-panel lever switches which provide rapid, positive contact adjustment.
Voltage outputs may be continuously varied within ±1.5 millivolts of selected readings by using a front
panel vernier control.

The DVC-8500 output is available from both front panel banana jacks and rear panel 36-pin gold-plated
PC connector fitted with lug terminals. DVC-8500 offers transformer isolation up to ±300V dc.
Output line rejection is within ±50 microvolts of zero.

The black-anodized extruded aluminum housing provides excellent shielding from electrical noise.
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